Rental conditions

Rental conditions

Terms and Conditions of Bike Rental

Contracting Party

The lease is between Peloton Sports CC LTD,27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX, Registration Number 11061581, hereinafter referred to as hirer, and the person listed in the lease or the booking reservation, hereinafter referred to as renter concluded.

Terms of Lease

The minimum rental period is 2 days. A rental day starts at 9 o’clock and ends at 19 o’clock. An extension of the rental period is possible only after prior agreement with the hirer. In case of late return of the bike the hirer is entitled to demand the outstanding rental price and any expenses incurred. In the event of premature return of the rental bike, for example because of unwillingness, exhaustion, bad weather, accident or illness, there is no entitlement to a refund of the rental amount.

Our bikes will be delivered exclusively to the predetermined accommodation in Mallorca. We do not have a bike station, a pickup is therefore not possible. The delivery of the bikes is free within 45km of Port Alcudia. Outside this zone, the price for delivery must be specified separately.

Our bikes are cleaned and handed over in technically and visually perfect condition. Defects found must be reported immediately to the hirer. Later displayed defects can no longer be recognized.

The renter is prohibited from making any changes without prior agreement with the hirer on the rental bike. These include turning the stem over or attaching handlebar attachments. In case of damage, the hirer is entitled to reclaim this from the renter. In addition, the insurance coverage expires.

The use of the rental bike is at your own risk. The renter is liable for all damages to third parties. The direct liability to the hirer is always the renter itself.

The renter is only entitled to the rental bike reserved and confirmed by him. A change of type or the frame size is only possible if they are available. There is no pick up service. The renter must organize his return transport in case of exhaustion, accident etc. Repairs to the retal bikes in foreign workshops are only possible by prior arrangement. You get the bike only upon presentation of a valid identity card and a deposit of 50 EUR.

Reservation/ Payment / Chancellation

The renter makes a booking request via website Only after confirmation and payment of the rental amount of the reservation is valid. For a binding reservation, a deposit of 50%  must be paid by PayPal or bank transfer.

The balance is to be paid in cash at the bike pickup or at least 4 weeks before arrival by bank transfer. The following cancellation conditions apply: If the rental price or deposit is paid in advance, a refund of 50% will be made if the reservation has been canceled 2 weeks before the rental date. For less than 2 weeks no refund is possible.


An insurance is not included in the rental price. Can however be completed for the price of 15 Eur additional. This only covers material damage to the rental bike. For the carbon bikes  is a deductible of 200 Eur. Personal injury to the renter or third party damage as well as theft of the rental bike are not uninsured. The renter is liable for this. Damage to the bike are according to the current price list to replace the hirer. Participation in competitions, races, triathlons is at your own risk. The insurance coverage expires completely if you participate in race-like events or have carried out your own modifications to the rental bike. The insurance must be completed before the rental. A later booking is not possible.

Duties / Liability

The rental bike is handed over in the checked, technically and visually perfect as well as roadworthy condition. Defects or damage must be reported immediately to the hirer. All rental bikes are equipped with spare tube, bike computer, pump and lock. In case of loss these are to be reimbursed to the hirer with 10 EUR each.

General provisions and application of the law

All contracts will be concluded under the spanish law. Disputes arising out of or about the contract are subject to the jurisdiction of Mallorca. In the case of legal ineffectiveness of individual parts of the lease contract, this does not affect the validity of the lease cotract in the whole.

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